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Family Law

We welcome you to our family law practice. Our attorneys strive to offer the finest legal representation available for in Louisiana, Texas and nationwide. Our attorney David C. Hesser is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, was honored by selection as a Louisiana Super Lawyer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. 

Our practice has a particular emphasis on:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Custody evaluations
  • Community property partitions
  • Tax issues related to divorce
  • Interstate child custody disputes
  • Louisiana Divorce
  • Texas Divorce
  • Spousal support-alimony
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Tutorships (guardianships)

  • Interdictions
  • Pre-nuptial matrimonial agreements
  • Post-nuptial matrimonial agreements
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Military Divorce
  • Retirement Issues


We strive to give each case the personal attention.

Some cases will require immediate attention for difficult issues right at the beginning of the case. Others will require more attention as more information becomes available. A good attorney knows what needs to be done and when. This helps to save you extra fees at a time when finances may be strained. The death of a close family member is the only emotional trauma that is more difficult than a divorce. We provide board certified, experienced and knowledgeable representation when you need it the most. We consider our obligation to you as an obligation to provide the finest legal service available in Louisiana. We are considered one of the best family law firms in Louisiana as evidenced by our reputation which has earned a BV rating from Martindale-Hubble. Our managing attorney David Hesser has been listed in AM-Best Legal Directory for Insurance Attorneys.

The decision of which attorney to hire can be difficult. We spend more time analyzing your case at the beginning of the case in order to give you the best opportunity for a favorable result. Please call our firm for a free telephone consultation. Please review our web site for more information. We believe that our clients take their needs and problems as seriously as we take the practice of law. That’s why we intentionally concentrate our practice in a limited number of legal areas: Family Law, Admiralty Law, and Criminal Law.  We perform a substantial amount of military divorces including the division of military disposable retired pay. 

Similarly, we do not accept every case. We understand that your case is the most important issue in your life. We are dedicated to listening to the concerns of our clients and to being responsive to your unique needs and goals. You and your children are our first concern. We spend as much time as is needed to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We are familiar with the top expert custody evaluators, mental health counselors, CPAs and other experts to assist in your case. When a counselor is needed we try to match the right counselor to your case. We have a degreed accountant as a member of our staff to provide services for drafting Detailed Descriptive Lists and Affidavits of Income and Expenses.

We keep you informed on the progress on your case by telephone and by sending you a copy of every letter and document for your case. We welcome the opportunity to serve your family law needs.

Few legal areas are as emotionally charged as divorce. In divorce and child custody cases in particular, the adversarial process has increased tensions between the parties that do not abate even when the process is complete. We are sensitive to domestic abuse issues and false claims of domestic abuse. We have extensive experience in family law and represent clients in the following areas: divorce, paternity, child custody (local, national, and international), child support, arrearages, criminal non-support cases, visitation, temporary orders, legal separation, pre-nuptial matrimonial agreements, post-nuptial matrimonial agreements, domestic abuse, mediation, arbitration, spousal support, modifications, terminations, judgment enforcement, grandparent visitation rights, tutorships (guardianships), and all other financial or property-related disputes.

Our managing attorney David Hesser is a trained mediator, and has published articles related to collaborative divorce and team mediation. Many states now encourage alternatives to divorce litigation, such as mediation and collaborative divorce. These processes can save time and money and help preserve relationships. However not every case is suitable for mediation or collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes provide an option for those who prefer to stay out of court. ADR provides many potential advantages for most cases, including reduced cost, faster resolution, less emotional stress, the ability to construct solutions that are outside of the authority of the courts. has more information on Louisiana Divorce.

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