Divorce Mediation

Mediation services to help resolve civil personal injury cases and community property disputes are available. In mediation a neutral person helps the parties to resolve their case through a cooperative settlement agreement. If you are going through a Louisiana divorce or a Texas divorce you may want to try mediation to resolve your case. Team mediation as originated by David C. Hesser can help resolve civil cases where a neutral mediator is assisted by a mental health professional. Collaborative divorce(TM) representation is available to help resolve family law cases with a team of professionals. Collaborative divorce is a new method of obtaining a divorce, wherein the parties are assisted by attorneys, collaborative divorce coaches, a child specialist and a financial specialist. This process helps the parties involved to begin rebuilding their lives without submitting their dispute to the court, while at the same time allowing the parties to access their needs and their children’s needs in an amicable way. The Collaborative Divorce model follows the same philosophy we attempt to use to amicably settle your case before trial. However, some cases require trials since it takes an effort by both parties to settle the case.
David Hesser is an attorney who is a trained mediator handling child custody and divorce mediation matters.  He has published law review and a book chapter on dispute resolution topics.  He is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.  He has experience in resolving well over a thousand cases both in court and out of court.  In addition to mediation training, David Hesser has spent hundreds of hours in the collaborative divorce dispute resolution process.  He has been involved in every type of divorce case.  He has settled divorce property matters with property in excess of 10 million dollars and he has helped divorcing couples work out visitation which has minimized the harm to the children.
Mediation allows you to settle your case out of court in an informal setting that removes some of the stress on you and the children.  Your child custody matter can be resolved in mediation with a complete visitation schedule along with child support and the related issues.  Additionally, your property issues can be resolved in mediation as well.  The documents for the divorce and settlement of your case can be prepared so they can be submitted for approval by the Court.  This process saves time and money over the costs of litigation.
Should you decide to choose to mediate your divorce or child custody dispute please contact our office at (318) 542-4102.  Please tell our staff that you are interested in mediation.  For mediations we ask that you not disclose the details of your case until both sides have agreed to mediate so as to maintain a sense of fairness and an impartial nature.  Once both sides have agreed to mediate, both sides can speak to David Hesser and disclose all issues they wish to discuss in the mediation.  We thank you for your interests in mediation.
Our firm is pleased to announce that Mr. Hesser’s article: “Team Mediation: An Interdisciplinary Model Balancing Mediation in the ‘Matrix'” has been accepted for publication by the Pepperdine Law School Dispute Resolution Law Journal. This article is co-authored with Liza Jarrell Craig a Licensed Professional Counselor with Life Solutions of Alexandria.